Calendar of Events 2021

Many of our performances do not require tickets. For those that do, tickets are available here:

Our annual performance calendar is filled with Chorus and Quartet Activities, from Singing Valentines in February, a Spring Contest in March, our Annual Show in April/May, a Fall Festival in November and various Christmas Performances in December. Check back often for changes. In addition to regular rehearsals, chorus events in 2021 are as follows:

2021 Triad Harmony Express Events

January – Installation Banquet

January – Annual Planning Meeting

February – Leadership Academy – Hamlet, NC

February 14 – Singing Valentine’s Day – Triad Area

TBD – Triad Harmony Express Annual Show "Barbershop Sings American Bandstand"

TBD – Carolinas District Fall Festival

December TBD – Christmas Show with Downtown Sound

December TBD – Caroling at local hospitals

December TBD - Candle Tea Caroling at Old Salem - 6pm-7pm

December TBD - Concert New Friendship Baptist Church - 6:30pm

*Events are in Winston Salem unless otherwise noted

**Virtual events are in italics.