Board of Directors

President: Ted Leinbach

Music and Performance VP: Scott Marshall

Membership VP: Nate Pendley

Program VP: Ray Gatland

Public Relations VP: Mark Thompson

Treasurer: Rob Alexander

Secretary: Jeff Fowler

Youth in Harmony: Alan Parker

Member at Large: Bob Keys

Member at Large: Tom Parker

Member at Large: Don Lippencott

Member at Large: Alan Parker

Immediate Past President: Mark Thompson

Music Team

Musical Director: Robert Cox

Assistant Director: Joe Doub

Assistant Director: Jim King

Assistant Director: Ted Leinbach

Tenor Section Leader: Kyle Hottel

Lead Section Leader: Scott Marshall

Baritone Section Leader: Gerry Davis

Bass Section Leader: Ted Leinbach

Other Chapter Leaders

Chorus Manager/Uniforms: Bob Keys

Librarian: Al Blake

Singing Valentines: Gerry Davis

2020 Show Chairman:

To THE Troops Editor: Ted Leinbach